Monday, July 29, 2013

The Racing Fiasco – The Royal Ascot

As a regular follower of horse racing events, it fills me with immense pride to talk about the Royal Ascot.  With the races ending just last week, this English racecourse is located in a small town of Ascot, Berkshire.  Hosting around twenty – six races around the year, the Ascot race course has a combination of Flat meets and Jump racing. The prime focus is however on The Gold Cup, which is held in June and is called The Royal Meeting.  Following to this is the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes in the month of July.

The racing event The Royal Ascot is closely associated with the Royal Family, and the Queen is seen to witness the great races and even cheer for her favorite!

Founded in 1711 by Queen Anne, this race course was closed for a long period of twenty months in the year 2004 for redevelopment. It was re-opened by Queen Elizabeth on June 20, 2006.

Being a truly royal event; members at the Royal Enclosure are restricted to a certain dress code. For women, hats with a day dress and for men; morning suits- black or grey with a top hat is strictly enforced upon!

Even though this royal event intrigues me to the utmost, to maintain such discipline at a racing event is beyond my personal understanding.  With the passion of horse racing raging in me, limitation to attend a horse racing event does not hold me back in satisfying my hunger for this unpredictable game!

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