Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The losses that we suffer – Monzante just like Ruffain

I was looking forward to the news release about the Mozante situation and was indeed disappointed to read about it!

The Louisiana State Racing Commission declared on the July 29 news that I read online, that they were “satisfied” with whatever was done for the race horse in order to ensure his fitness before the race. No further investigation will be done regarding the situation on July 20 at Evangeline Downs, where a champion race horse was euthanized.

Monzante who had suffered an injury to the small bones located at the back of the fetlock, a common injury among racehorses that accounts for most deaths in Thoroughbred and Quarter horses. Top vets have discovered that most fatal injuries are due to skeletal injuries which are caused due to excess training or injuries present from before.

Reading and writing about the euthenization of Monzante, it reminds me of the horrific incident of Ruffain. At the 11th running at the Belmont Park in 1975, she hit her shoulder at the gates but still continued running at the mark of 1 furlong both her sesamoid bones snapped. Jockey Jacinto Vasquez on board tried to stop her but the champion that she was; she wanted to finish the race. This led to massive injuries which were then followed by an emergency operation. Even though that was successful, she woke up from her anesthesia and struggled as if still running the race, suffering from multiple injuries she was euthanized by the medical team present.

The horrific incidents that take place seem to be common to trainers and vets who deal with the real situation. However, it becomes difficult for fans to understand the same and react accordingly. The industry faces losses on a regular, but the great names are soon forgotten!

My disappointment leads me to the only resort, where I am able to race deceased race horse legends and keep them living in the fantasy world of horse racing, commemorating and honoring the evergreen champions.

Famous Race Horses - here’s to the legends!

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