Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Best Horse Racing Games

Playing the horse racing game for over a year now, I have come across a few gaming domains which are worth the mention. These games promise to give you a virtual horse racing game at its best with life like 3D images and the features which give you complete freedom; you can experiment with being a jockey, a trainer or even a spectator. Playing and communicating with communities of other players around the world is just a click away. You might also find these gaming websites to provide you real time simulation, which in turn gives you far more realistic results while playing.

Some of the top virtual horses racing games available over the internet are as follows, the video below each of the links will show how realistic their game looks, I leave it up to you to decide which one is best suitable for you:

1. Digiturf: provides you the freedom of choosing who you want to race as; trainer, owner, jockey with a 3D visual effect. Offering a game with real cash prize this gaming site claims to be the best in what they bring to the market – virtual horse racing games. I was able to select my free virtual horse and select his silk for free with a bonus of 10 dollars credit as I signed up!


2. Newturf: the next generation of virtual horse racing (so I read in one of the articles) is the ideal simulation game for horse racing fans. Here again one can select among being a trainer, seller, bettor. You can also select between horses as according to your races; gallopers, hurdles and trotting horses. A game based on real money and purses, it is a game regulated and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Personally the background music was not too pleasant!


3. Horseracingpark : Analyze pedigree, past performances, breeding history and other details to select your champion horse for a given track. The best thing about is that it is very easy to understand and play, the website is user friendly and free horses are in your stable ready ti run the free race as soon as you sign up!


4. Horse race game: My personal favorite is, this website is absolutely easy to use, and it has got reads about famous race horses, tracks and the greatest stakes of all time! The best part is you can be a part of it. Real life professional jockeys are a part of this game and that is probably why the entire game has the best realistic replica of real horse racing. Bringing back legends like Seattle Slew, Zenyatta and other legendary horses can be raced again against the present champions of today and watch them battle against each other. Have a look and decide for yourself:


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