Friday, July 19, 2013

Old is Gold ~ Churchill Downs

Marking its way through history, Churchill Downs Incorporated is one of the most prestigious and elite horse race tracks this industry has seen. 3D horse racing simulation makes it possible for you to race your horse at the best tracks around the world.

Being passionate about horse racing, I read anything and everything that has the word ‘Horse’ in it. Recently while reading an article about Kentucky Derby, my need to write a Blog on the same arose.  Needless to say that HorseRaceGame had already thought about their players and included Churchill Downs as one of the race tracks that you could choose to race on, virtually.  The 3D effect gives you a complete real life view of this glorified race track.

One of the most prestigious and my personal favorite race track is Churchill Downs. This track has seen some of the best race horses in the history of horse racing. Officially being opened in the year 1875, it began its journey to become the “Home of Kentucky Derby”. In 1872 Col. M. Lewis Clark had devised the idea of a Louisville Jockey Club, in order to organize race meets following to which a race track was developed, which eventually became Churchill Downs.

May 17, 1875 saw the dawn of Churchill Downs, where four races were scheduled. The first winner at this track was Bonaventure. However, Aristides was the winner of the Kentucky Derby.  The following years were financially tough and a new Louisville Jockey Club was incorporated along with a change in the management. By the year 1903 Churchill Downs had started counting profits again. Kentucky Jockey Club was formed in February 1919 as a holding company for Churchill and three other tracks in the State: Latonia in the north, Lexington in the Bluegrass Region, and Douglas Park and Churchill Downs in Louisville.

Churchill Downs can be termed as one of the oldest race tracks, marking their way through history. This race track has accounted for a number of achievements in the horse racing industry.
  •     the first national telecast of the Kentucky Derby aired May 3, 1952
  •     the first barns constructed of concrete firewalls were built in 1952
  •     film patrol was installed in 1954 to provide replays to the racing officials
  •     In 1955 a $300,000 automatic sprinkler system was installed in the entire grandstand and clubhouse.
Quality Racing has always been a long standing commitment by Churchill Downs Incorporated. CEO Robert L.Evans along with President Kevin Flanery has taken the organization to a level of perfection when it comes to horse racing. Technology initiative and International Distribution channels has brought a great amount of success for this track, making it one of the most successful one in the industry of horse racing.

Training your horse at Churchill Downs or running him at the Kentucky Derby; Horse Racing Fantasy makes it possible.

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